Non Metal Definition Properties Examples

non metal properties

Non Metal Definition Properties Examples

A nonmetal is an element which does not shows properties of metals. It is not bright, can not be drawn into wire, cannot to beat to make a flat sheet, has a low melting point and boiling point. Non-metals are bad conductors of heat and electricity. They contain 4-8 electrons in the outermost shell. Properties of non-metals are depended on the interatomic strength of bonds

Position of non-metals

Non-metals are located on the right side of a periodic table. Especially all halogens and inert gases are non-metals. Other non-metals are scattered in group 13 to group 17. 

Properties of Non-metals

1) Low metallic luster
Non-metals show no luster ie do not shine like metals.

2) Malleable or ductile
Non-metals are not ductile ie cannot be drawn into thin wire. also, they are not malleable ie cannot be beaten into the flat sheet.

3) Poor thermal conductor
Non-metals are the poor conductor of heat

4) Ionization energy
Due to the small atomic size, the ionization energy of non-metals is high.

5) Electronegativity
Non-metals have high electronegativity due to small atomic size. 

6) Poor electrical conductor
Non-metals are the poor electrical conductor. They do not contain free electrons. In group 13, Nitrogen and Phosphorus are bad conductors of electricity. 

7) Metallic Luster
Non-metals show no luster ie do not shine 

8) Gain electrons easily
Non-metals have the tendency to gain electrons easily 

9) Lower melting points and boiling point 
Since intermolecular bonds are weak, non-metals have low melting and boiling point.

Examples of non-metals 

carbon (solid)

Nitrogen (gas)

Oxygen (gas)

Phosphorus (solid)

Sulphur (solid)

Selenium (solid)

Fluorine (gas)

Chlorine (gas)

Bromine (liquid) 

Iodine (solid)

Astatine (solid)

Helium (gas)

Neon (gas)

Argon (gas)

Krypton (gas)

Xenon (gas)

Radon (gas)

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