Methods To Express Concentration of Solution

concentration of solution

The concentration of the solution is defined as the amount of solute dissolved in a particular amount of solvent on the basis of the amount of solute dissolved in a solvent.

The different types of solutions are an important part of chemistry as well as in daily life. For solving different problems, it is necessary to express the concentration of a solution in particular ways.

Types of solution

There are two types of solution dilute solution and concentrated solution. If the solution contains relatively less amount of solute is called a dilute solution and solution contains relatively more amount of solute is called concentrated solution. There is a number of ways by which we can express the concentration of a solution.

Percentage by mass (W/W)

If we take solute in grams and dissolved in some solvent to form 100 grams solution is called percentage by mass. In a mathematical way, it is expressed as the ratio of the mass of solute to the mass of the solution x 100. Here the mass of solution is the sum of the mass of solute and mass of solvent.

Percentage by volume (V/V)

It is a ratio of the volume of solute to the volume of the solution x 100.  but here the volume of solution may not be equal to the sum of the volume of solute and volume of solvent because a solid particle of solute particles may occupy empty spaces present in the structure of solvent ( liquid). Since volume is temperature dependent quantity, the percentage by volume changes with the change of temperature.

Mole fraction

The mole fraction of any component of a solution is defined as the ratio of a number of moles of that component present in the solution to the total number of moles of all components of the solution. Sum of mole fractions of all component of the solution is always Unity (one) and mole fraction is temperature independent quantity which has no unit.

Molarity (M)

It is defined as a number of mole of solute present in a one-liter volume of solution. Molarity is volume dependent quantity. It changes with temperature and it is expressed in mole per liter.

Molality (m)

It is one of the best ways of expressing the concentration of the solution. It is defined as the number of moles of solute dissolved in 1kg of solvent. It is temperature independent quantity so the concentration of the solution expressed in molality does not change with the temperature.


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