Interesting Facts about Hydrogen

hydrogen atom
Hydrogen is the chemical element with atomic number 1 and symbol H. It is odorless, colorless and highly combustible. It is the only element in which neutron is absent. It resembles alkali metals as well as halogens. These are some facts about hydrogen.

Interesting facts about hydrogen

● Hydrogen has the ability to act as an acid as well as a base. so it is called an amphoteric substance.

● Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. It is the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust.

● There are three isotopes of hydrogen named as protium, deuterium, and tritium

Henry Cavendish gave the name to hydrogen as ‘phlogiston’.

● Antoine Lavoisier gave the element the name as ‘hydrogen’.

● Hydrogen was liquefied by James Dewar for the first time.

● The first hydrogen-filled balloon was invented by Jacques Charles in 1783.

● About 60 millions of hydrogen is produced for the industrial purpose.

● The H–H bond dissociation enthalpy of dihydrogen is the highest for a single bond between two atoms of any elements. It is 435.88 kJ per mole.

● Hydrogen is the lightest element that’s why even earth’s gravity cannot hold its molecules.

● The earth’s atmosphere contains about 0.15 % of hydrogen by mass.

● The mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide form Syngas also known as water gas.

● The electrolysis of 1 liter water will produce 111.19 gm of hydrogen

● Hydrogen can easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier by gaseous diffusion, it may be a very promising agent to protect intracranial neurons.

● Drinking hydrogen-containing water may be useful in daily life to prevent or minimize the risk of lifestyle-related oxidative stress.

● Hydrogen composes approximately 90% of the visible universe.

● The pressure required to convert hydrogen into metal is about 4 million atmospheres which is greater than the pressure inside the center of the earth.

● The flame speed of hydrogen engine is 48.3 m/s and ordinary engine yields 16.5 m/s when the standard condition is provided.

● More than 12 liters of hydrogen per day are continuously produced in the human body under normal physiological conditions.

● The solubility of hydrogen in water is very low about 0.9 mmol/liter

● The lung tissues of ill patient get damaged when the patients are given oxygen for long periods of time which is also known as Hyperoxic injury. Inhaling small amounts of hydrogen in addition to concentrated oxygen may help reduce the damage to lung tissue.

● Heme-oxygenase (HO-1) is an enzyme that protects lung cells. Hydrogen gas initiates activation of this enzyme.

● The permeability of hydrogen gas is very strong. It can penetrate rubber at room temperature. It can also penetrate metal films such as palladium, nickel, steel at high temperature.

● As we know hydrogen gas is highly combustible and oxygen helps for combustion. But when the concentration of oxygen less is than 4% then the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen will not burn even at high temperature-pressure. This property is widely used in diving operations.

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